Monday, August 11, 2008

Demo release

There it is, should work. All the info is in the read me, just extract and play. I'm finally settling into python code so the doors are opening. But I don't have long and there's a load of work to do (typical of this course)
I'm gonna work on improving this demo for a bit, the room's a little sparse and the code is messy. But for now I'm working on my project submission.
There's also a video here of the demo thanks to roger. But if you have time, downloading it and giving feedback on performance and bugs would be extremely helpful.


Roger said...

Great work getting out your first demo bugs! Here is a clip you can embed in your blog - hope it doesn't spoil gameplay for anyone :-)
There are other videos there that you can embed as well.

Roger said...

PS your videos are also now on our Facebook group - Digital Interactive Media

Roger said...

oops - wrong link in first comment - it's here.