Monday, September 22, 2008

Back to School

It's been an interesting, if not productive, two weeks. A windows crash on the very first day of the holidays left me without a lot of functionality for most of the holidays. I still haven't got the internet working so I've been out of contact until now. I had to re-install windows, now most of my programs aren't working/working reliably. Thankfully I had unpartitioned space to install to, so I didn't lose any of my valuable files. By the second week I managed to get blender working again so I could start working. Two levels are more or less finished, but the code to switch between levels has been giving me trouble. With only three weeks left I have to start thinking about presentation, I'm hoping to have a third level done and the coding polished by then. I've also been churning out a bunch of 3D artwork to show. I'm confident there will be plenty of product, that being said I'm scared as hell...

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